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  • Surprise Billing Protection Act in accordance with New Mexico State Law-

  • 1. Patient is responsible only for payment of applicable in-network cost-sharing amounts under the patient’s health benefits plan.

  • 2. Patients should contact their insurance carriers in advance or the provider when possible to determine if the services provided will be covered at an in-network rate.

  • 3. When prior contact is not available, patient should contact the patient’s insurance carrier to discuss the surprise billing to find the correct limitations that may apply.

  • 4. The Surprise Billing Protection Act SB 337 can be obtained online (

  • 5. Patient may appeal a health insurer’s determination regarding a surprise bill in accordance with the hearing procedures established by New Mexico’s Patient Protection Act.

  • 6. If additional information or questions arise you can always contact the New Mexico Superintendent of Insurance in Santa Fe, NM.